Catch this problem before it happens!

Is your Front Pillar being deteriorated by the elements and in poor condition? Fix that Front Pillar before it costs you thousands in major roof repairs! 

Many of the homes on Grammercy Park are starting to experience this problem. Front entrance support posts have been deteriorating due to the weather and salt etc. The pillar could drop several inches, which can cause stress on the roof. Roof repair can be extremely costly. If your home has a second story, the damage could be devastating.

So catch this problem before it happens to your home.


We know what it takes to provide high-quality exterior repair services and we provide workmanship you can trust.

We can help preserve your home's structural integrity and give it a fresh new look. Our services can help prevent more costly repairs and replacements down the road.


Contact: Mitch Lacoste
Phone: 613-762-5528

Here are example of water damage and repairs at 22 Grammercy Park: